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Review of Governance Arrangements

Meeting: 20/09/2023 - Civic Affairs (Item 31)

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The Assistant Chief Executive introduced the report. The Committee noted that the dates for two future meetings of the Governance Reference Group had changed to 2 November and 11 December.


In response to questions the officers stated:

That the first date for a change to the council’s electoral cycle to all-out elections would be May 2026.

That a change to its decision making system would take place to co-incide with the beginning of a Municipal Year.


The Chair suggested that it may be worthwhile for the Governance Reference Group to hold a workshop in November to discuss governance options and that the Chair would suggest this to the Deputy Leader (non-statutory).


Cllr Bennett asked if the external speaker session(s) could be recorded so that other councillors could tap into the subject.



To agree the terms of reference of the Governance Reference Group

To note the work programme and high level timeline