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Meeting: 03/10/2023 - Equalities Panel (Item 20)

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Cambridge City Council provided a formal thank you to Graham Lewis, former public member of the Equalities Panel who stepped down last year for his significant contribution to the Panel. It was stated that Graham has been hugely important to the Panel having been a member since the Panel was introduced before 2010. Graham brought lots of knowledge to items at the Panel having always been involved in roles promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in his 20+ years in the Voluntary and Community Sector.


The council also formally thanked Susan Wan for her role as a public member on the Panel since 2016 who also stepped down last year too. The council expressed that it was especially appreciative of Susan’s insights into the council’s work towards developing a more diverse workforce representative of the Cambridge population. Susan’s insight came from her role in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge.


The Equalities Panel expressed that Graham and Susan will be hugely missed on the Panel. The council has been in touch with them both as part of its review into the Panel to provide them with a greater opportunity to share their experiences of being public members over the years.

Meeting: 04/07/2023 - Equalities Panel (Item 9.)

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