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Senior Management Review

Meeting: 02/03/2023 - Council (Item 9)

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Resolved (unanimously) to approve:


      i.         the deletion of the following posts at Director level: Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods; and Director of Enterprise and Sustainable Development; and

    ii.         the creation of the following new posts at Director level: Director, Communities; Director, City Services; Chief Operating Officer.

   iii.         the deletion of the following posts at Head of Service level: - Head of Commercial Services, Head of Community Services, Head of Corporate Strategy / Assistant Chief Executive, Head of Environmental Services, Head of Housing Maintenance and Assets, Head of Housing Services, Head of Human Resources, Head of Property Services, Head of Transformation

  iv.         the creation of the following new posts at Assistant Director level, which will be composed of 2 levels: - Assets and Property (AD2) - Assistant Chief Executive (AD2) - Housing and Homelessness (AD1)

    v.         noted that the following posts will be subject to slotting-in arrangements with new post titles: - Head of Finance to Chief Finance Officer (AD1) - Head of Housing Development Agency to Assistant Director, Development (AD1)

  vi.         the creation of a new Head of People and a Head of Transformation on 2-year Fixed Term contracts at Band 11, while future leadership arrangements for ‘Transformation, Digital and HR’ are considered.

 vii.         the Chief Executive is given delegated powers to take all steps necessary to implement the new structure (other than those delegated to the ESOC) including final determination of the Council's staffing structure below Director level, and

viii.         where specific changes to the Constitution are required the Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer should make such changes.


That the Council noted:

      i.         the Head of 3C Shared Legal Services (Head of Service) and Council’s Monitoring Officer becomes an Assistant Director grade (AD1) in the new grade structure.

    ii.         the Head of Building Control (Head of Service) post will be reviewed once the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service management restructure has been fully implemented.

   iii.         changes proposed to the senior officer Leadership Behaviours following feedback from the consultation (Annex B).

  iv.         that the transitional Group structure will provide staff with certainty about line management arrangements and are a starting point for each Group organisational redesign (Annex C).