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Meeting: 23/02/2023 - Council (Item 2)

Mayor's announcements





Councillor Bird


Personal: Member of Cambridge Investment Partnership (CIP) Board.

Councillor Davey


Personal: Member of Cambridge Investment Partnership (CIP) Board.

Councillor Bird


Personal: Is a tenant of Cambridge Housing Society (CHS).

Councillor Thittala Varkey


Personal: Is a council tenant.

Councillor Ashton


Personal: with reference to CAP5048 - Is Chair of Cherry Hinton Residents Association and Director of Cherry Hinton Benefits Society.


Cambridge Chinese New Year Celebrations


The Mayor had been invited to three celebrations in various parts of the community and enjoyed the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year and in being exposed to diverse Chinese culture.


Mayor’s Charity Quiz


This was taking place on Thursday 9 March and money raised would be donated to the Mayor’s Charities Cambridge Aid and the Romsey Mill Trust.


Councillors personal safety


Members were reminded about two on-line events covering member personal safety next month. 


Mayor’s reception


The Mayor and their consort would be hosting the annual Mayors Reception on Friday 28 April. Penny MacDonald would be sending out invitations shortly.


Reach Fair


Reach Fair would be taking place on Monday 1 May, invitations would be sent out in late March.


Honorary Councillor Evelyn Knowles


On behalf of Councillors, the Mayor passed on condolences to the family of Evelyn Knowles who was a councillor for West Chesterton Ward 1987-2003, and Mayor 2000-2001.  In addition to being an councillor, Evelyn was a Member of Cambridge Community Health Council, Trustee of Cambridge Folk Museum, Chair of Cambridge Refugee Support Group and a Trustee of Cambridge Citizens’ Advice Bureau.


Turkiye/Syria earthquake, Ukraine war one year on


Members observed a minutes silence to reflect on the Turkiye/Syria earthquake and to note the Ukraine war one year on.