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GCP Item - Making Connections Consultation

Meeting: 24/11/2022 - West Central Area Committee (Item 27)

GCP Item - Making Connections Consultation


Representatives from the GCP will inform councillors of the current consultation which runs until 23 December 2022. www.greatercambridge.org.uk/mc-2022



The Committee received a presentation from the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Transport Director on the Making Connections consultation which runs until 23 December 2022 GCP Making Connections 2022 | Consult Cambridgeshire (engagementhq.com).


In response to comments made by the Committee, the GCP Transport Director said the following:

      i.         11,000 responses had been received to date, halfway through the consultation period.

    ii.         The consultation had been publicised through various social media platforms including tv and face to face meetings to avoid digital exclusion.

   iii.         Questions had been put forward to encourage proposals and recommendations.

  iv.         Aware that a balance was required particularly for residents who needed to use the car for different purposes in the City; consideration needed to be given regarding when charges would not apply. 

    v.         There would be a programme of vehicle buses being phased out and electric vehicles phased in which would deliver significant air quality benefits.

  vi.         A series of detailed proposals would follow to include the use of car clubs, cargo bikes, possible free bus travel day etc.

 vii.         People should respond whatever their viewpoint was . It was vital that as many people responded as possible. These views would be analysed when making the final decisions and what the next steps would be.

viii.         There were several checks in place to try to stop the system from being abused.

  ix.         3% of the responses had been received from 16years to 24-year-olds.  A series of conversations were being held with universities, schools, and youth groups to increase the level of engagement.

    x.         The detail of how to deal with buses travelling into the City Centre would be investigated later; more electric buses, different size buses and alternative route networks would be explored.

  xi.         The consultation was not just about a congestion charge but was about a carbon and air quality challenge which would get worse if left.


In response to a question asked by a member about the revenue expected to be received for the Sustainable Travel Zone, how much (in % terms) would be specifically (and only) for walking and cycling, the following response was given:

      i.         This would be a decision for Cambridgeshire County Council as the charging authority.

    ii.         As part of the proposals £50 to £60 million could be generated as part of overall package.


The Chair thanked the GCP Transport Manager for their presentation.