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Update on the Direction of the Future Council and Organisational Design as Part of the Wider Cambridge System

Meeting: 10/10/2022 - Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee (Item 46)

46 Update on the Direction of the Future Council and Organisational Design pdf icon PDF 626 KB

Additional documents:


Matter for Decision


This paper provided:

·      An update on the progress made on the development of a future organisation design for the council.

·      Proposals for agreement on the new organisational design and work required to ensure delivery.

·      An indicative savings and investment profile for the next phase, recognising dependencies and collaboration with Medium-Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) and accommodation papers.

·      An outline timeline and sequencing of changes required over the next two years.


Decisions of the Executive Councillor for Finance, Resources and Transformation

The Executive Councillor agreed to:

i)              Note the progress made, and the proposals for changes to operations, future council infrastructure and identified areas for saving and reinvestment.

ii)             Confirm support for the direction of travel.

iii)           Agree that officers move forward with the development of changes that will achieve the savings required by Q1 April 2025

iv)           Note the programme timetable (section 8).

Reason for the Decision

As set out in the Officer’s report.


Any Alternative Options Considered and Rejected

Not applicable.


Scrutiny Considerations

The Committee received a report from the Transformation Director.


Members made the following comments:

Is an area-based model being considered?

The new service design must ensure advocate access for disabled residents.

No progress yet on any change in governance following the review by the Centre for Governance & Scrutiny (CfGS).



The Executive Councillor responded:

It was important to have a senior management structure to deliver transformation by April 2023.

A further report will be presented to scrutiny committee on the next steps.

The Council will have to make the financial targets sets and likely to have to accelerate those, to be addressed in the Budget Setting Report.  Quarterly meetings will be set up with Group FR&T Spokes on transformation and financial implications.

There would be an all party working group on the CfGS report in time.

Thanked Nick Kemp for his work as Transformation Director.


The Scrutiny Committee agreed i) and iv) unanimous and ii) and iii) 6-0 with 1 abstention.


The Executive Councillor approved the recommendations.