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Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods

Meeting: 09/06/2022 - North Area Committee (Item 13)

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The Committee received a report regarding policing and safer neighbourhoods trends.


The virtual Area Committee would not be making a decision, so would not vote on priorities set by the Police. The Police reported back on the local areas of concern they were currently focussing on. Councillors and members of the public could not change these, but they could suggest ideas/issues for the Police to focus on.


In response to Members’ discussion Sargeant Emms provided the following responses:

      i.         Was aware of issues on Nuffield Road and the area did form part of the patrol area. Also noted the report about drug dealing taking place at Green End Road, Bramley Court, Frank’s Lane and Laxton Way. Noted concerns about the gathering of youths at Brownsfield Community Centre. Asked Councillors to encourage residents to report concerns online so that the Police had an up-to-date record of issues. Also asked for as much information as possible to be provided including the car make / model / colour / numberplate etc.

    ii.         Was not aware of any s60 stop and searches being carried out in Cambridge. Commented that the Police had an action plan which took into consideration the local areas of concern, but officers could also be called upon to respond to calls for action as required. It was difficult therefore to specify how long or often the Police would spend time in a particular area.

   iii.         Commented that there had been a series of thefts from motor vehicles in the Kings Hedges area. These incidences were all down to one person, that person had been arrested and taken to court and was now in prison.  Stated that if anyone was unhappy with how their investigation had been handled then they could request a review of their case (Victim right to review). Victims' Right to Review Scheme | Cambridgeshire Constabulary (cambs.police.uk).

  iv.         Action: Would provide a written response to how knife crime in King Hedges Ward compared to other North Area Committee wards.

    v.         Was aware that cycle crime across the city was high. Noted that people thought the Police didn’t do anything about it. Stated that cycle crime was the only crime in the city where there was a monthly meeting which took place between Cycling Representatives and the Superintendent. The City Centre Police Team had one officer dedicated to cycle crime.  Where cycle thieves were arrested and taken to court a Criminal Behaviour Order was sought.  Two people had been arrested in the north area for dealing with stolen bikes and investigations were ongoing.

  vi.         Commented that there was a multiagency group ‘MASH’ who worked with both victims of domestic violence and perpetrators.

 vii.         Noted that the issues of drug dealing on Victoria Road / Hilda Street should no longer be an issue as the people who were involved no longer lived in Victoria Road.


Noted the following local areas of concern which had been raised during the meeting:

i.               Street based drug dealing

ii.             Cycle crime

iii.            Anti-social behaviour / driving.


The Community Safety Manager said the following in response to Members’ questions:

i.    The Council worked with a number of stakeholders including the County Council regarding domestic violence. Noted that the freedom programme was run at the Meadows Community Centre for survivors of domestic abuse. The Council was also part of the White Ribbon Campaign and the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance.

ii.  Asked for issues around anti-social behaviour (ASB) to be reported directly to the ASB Team, this could be done online or by phone. Also noted that litter picks could be requested in local areas and if this was reported online then different parts of the council could action this.


A member of the public commented that they had received a speedwatch kit so that speed checks of the 20mph limit could be carried out on Histon Road as and when required.