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Public Questions

Meeting: 20/01/2022 - Housing Scrutiny Committee (Item 4)

Public Questions


The Committee Manager read out a statement on behalf of a member of the public in relation to agenda item 22/8/HSC, the report on Hanover and Princess Courts and Kingsway Flats.


i.               It had been stated that tenants would have the option of moving out and then moving back in again. Asked if they would be able to move back to the same flat that tenants were being forced to leave.

ii.             If tenants were able to return to the same flat after redevelopment, what changes would have been made, for example the state of decor etc.

iii.            If the redevelopment went ahead and tenants were unable to be relocated locally, asked if they would be given the option of locating country-wide and given priority on other council lists, or was it Cambridge only. Asked if the council would pay removal costs to Cornwall for example.

iv.           Compensation money and removal costs had been promised, but no figures had been mentioned, or timescale for these payments to be made. Asked if tenants would have to make the initial outlay and then claim the money back. Stated that some tenants would not have enough money or savings to be able to do that.

v.             Asked the committee to note that Residents’ meetings and coffee morning had been cancelled over the last few months due to covid. This meant that residents of Hanover and Princess Courts had not been able to come together to discuss their feelings, concerns or opinions on the redevelopment.


Councillor Porrer (Ward Councillor for Market Ward) made the following comments:

i.      Was supportive of agenda item 22/8/HSC Report on Hanover and Princess Courts and Kingsway Flats but noted that residents wanted clarity about what was going to happen and clear timescales.

ii.    Was supportive of the changes to the Lettings Policy as this gave more options to tenants and leaseholders at an earlier point in time.

iii.   Welcomed the Regeneration and Decant Support Officer role.

iv.  Noted paragraph 6.5 of the officer’s report and would welcome more detail about the practicalities for example could tenants request to live in the same block as other tenants to retain community links.

v.    Asked for site visits to the new developments at Cromwell Road and Mill Road and to any other sites that tenants might be interested in.

vi.  Highlighted the importance of open space provision as part of residential development.

vii. Noted that resident involvement would be key in the process and that everyone should be involved including those who were less confident with face-to-face meetings.  


Diana Minns (Vice Chair Tenant Representative) made the following comments in response to the statement read out on behalf of the member of the public:

i.      Noted that big meetings had not been held as they only had a small community room and a lot of residents in Hanover and Princess Court were vulnerable.

ii.      Residents’ coffee mornings had started again and had taken place outside in the summer and inside up until just before Christmas. None had taken place since due to the risks associated with the omicron covid variant.

iii.   Reminded tenants that they could always speak with any member of the Residents Association.  


The Head of the Housing Development Agency made the following comments:

i.      The questions raised by the member of the public would be addressed in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which officers were putting together. 

ii.    In response to Councillor Porrer:

a.    The Lettings Policy hadn’t been amended specifically to relocate tenants from Hanover and Princess Court and Kingsway Flats together but this was officer’s intention where possible. Part of the next steps in the process would be to speak with residents to find out what they would like in terms of whether they had anywhere they would like to move to or move with a particular neighbour.

b.    It was also noted that although new schemes had been identified there may be other sites that residents might be interested in.

c.    The points raised regarding the importance of open space provision had also been noted.