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Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Fen Road update on the schedule of works

Meeting: 02/09/2021 - North Area Committee (Item 21)

Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Fen Road update on the schedule of works


The Committee received a verbal update on the Fen Road Chisholm Trail project.


The update outlined:

i.  The project had had some key milestones over the last 9 months, including the safe delivery of the underpass on Newmarket Road.

ii.  The Common project was to be completed in the next 3-4 weeks.

iii.  The programme would then move on to Fen Road and where pedestrians and cyclists would leave the new Chisholm Trail. A safety critical area had been identified, where visibility lines would be challenging coming on to Fen Road. Experts had been consulted to make this area as safe as was possible.

iv.  Consultations with councillors had taken place.

v.  It was hoped the entire project could be completed by the end of the year.

vi.The design of the crossing sought to ensure full visibility of pedestrians and cyclists on Fen Road.


The Committee made the following comments in response to the report:

  i.  Expressed concerns about the way people would leave the Chisholm Trail and come on to Fen Road. Would have liked to have seen a traffic light / crossing light but was aware of the costs of this. Asked for a review of the crossing 3 - 4months after the crossing was opened.

  ii.  Was grateful to the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) for delivering this project but noted that there was a bigger problem at this area. Would like to have seen a crossing but noted the advice from officers. Asked to see the post road opening safety audit data as this might provide evidence for other issues further along Fen Road. Asked to see the detailed specification for the crossing.

  iii.  Felt that not all of Cambridgeshire observed the road hierarchy particularly on Fen Road. 

  iv.  Hoped there would be barriers around the chicanes to prevent drivers driving over the raised part of the chicanes.

  v.  Asked if there would be a give way sign.

  vi.  Noted that an alternative proposal had been ignored (vehicle access to East Chesterton end from the north of Milton Road).


The GCP Project Officer said the following in response to Members’ questions:

  i.  Costs were only one of the factors against a signalised system. The locality of the rail line was another factor. There were concerns about traffic stacking if a signalised system was put in place. Confirmed a post road opening safety audit would be carried out.

  ii.  Physical obstructions at the crossing should deter people from driving at speed. The chicanes also shortened the distance of the crossing making it quicker and safer for people to cross.

  iii.  Confirmed there would be robust bollards on the approach to the crossing to ensure vehicles were directed into the correct position.

  iv.  Confirmed there would be clear highway signage for all road users.