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Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods

Meeting: 25/11/2021 - West Central Area Committee (Item 31)

31 Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods pdf icon PDF 308 KB


Sgt Misik introduced the report.  He picked up the earlier conversation raised in the open forum regarding Fitzroy and Burleigh streets and would add it to the local lists of concern, but highlighted that the signage could also be looked at.


Councillors raised concerns about e-scooters on open spaces, Christs Pieces, Parkers Piece.  These issues are now being regularly raised by residents.  Sgt Misik referred Cllrs to contact Voi to geo-fencing areas (speed control in designated parts of the city) for the remainder of the trial period.


Councillors requested that the police consider retaining anti-social driving, including e-scooters and e-bikes as a police priority.  The other current areas of concern remain important as detailed in the police report.


Sgt Misik undertook to liaise with the city council officers on the evidence gathered on the use of Voi scooters so that the Combined Authority received co-ordinated feedback on the trial, noting that Councillor Porrer would like to be included in the correspondence bearing in mind the impact on Market Ward.


Action: Head of Environmental Services/Sgt Misik