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Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods

Meeting: 10/06/2021 - North Area Committee (Item 14)

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The Committee received a report from the Sergeant Emms regarding policing and safer neighbourhoods trends.


The report outlined actions taken since the last reporting period. The current emerging issues/neighbourhood trends for each ward were also highlighted (see report for full details). Previous local areas of concern and engagement activity noted in the report were:

  ASB and dangerous driving across the north of the city (including Fen Road and the High Street) and NO2 canisters;

  Street based drug dealing; and

  Youth and knife crime.


In response to Members’ discussion, Sargeant Emms provided the following responses:

  i.  Welcomed residents’ and Councillors’ sharing data regarding speeding concerns, including specific areas/roads so that appropriate resources could be allocated.

  ii.  Confirmed that officers were aware of issues on Fen Road generally and officers were in the area that night. Confirmed that there was a city wide operation to look at electric scooters and noted that there needed to be communication provided to members of the public regrading the ‘Voi’ scooters which could be used on the road. Confirmed pony and traps could be used on roads provided that they complied with specific requirements.

  iii.  Noted concerns raised regarding anti-social behaviour at the Methodist Church and Nursery and would arrange for patrols to be made so that the Church and Nursery staff felt safe.

  iv.  Noted concerns regarding bike thefts and the broad-ranging impact bike thefts had on residents’ and members of the public’s lives. Stated that the City Centre Team were looking into this issue as there was a high incidence of bike thefts in the city centre. Confirmed the Police would always investigate bike thefts where there were viable lines of enquiry. Encouraged residents and members of the public to keep an accurate description of their bikes, including serial numbers and suggested that they could take pictures of their bikes too. 

  v.  Confirmed in relation to Operation Corduroy, that there were two individuals the police were trying to take through the court process to protect vulnerable residents at risk.

  vi.  Confirmed that if drug dealing moved back to street based drug dealing that the police were ready to undertake surveillance and respond to this issue. 

 vii.  Advised that signs of cuckooing included elderly people suddenly getting younger people visiting them in their homes or elderly people suddenly staying out of their house and not wanting to return home.

viii.  Said that county lines in Cambridge did not appear to be extending to trafficking in vulnerable or preyed upon young women.

  ix.  Confirmed Sergeant Misik was looking into issues around open spaces when events were cancelled.


Action: Councillor Bird to email Police reports through to the ASB Team regarding ASB at Methodist Church and Nursery as part of a request for the mobile CCTV camera to be located in the area.


Action: ASB Team to confirm time scales for securing funding from the Home Office regarding a block of flats in Perse Way (odd numbered side).


Members of the public raised the following policing issues:

  i.  Queried the plan attached to the Police report and whether this was correct as it didn’t include (for example) the McManus estate.


Action: ASB Team to investigate the plan attached to the Police report and correct if this did not show the correct area.


The Chair noted the following local areas of concern as discussed by members during the meeting:

  ASB and dangerous driving across the north of the city (including Fen Road and the High Street) and NO2 canisters;

  Street based drug dealing including cuckooing; and

  Youth and knife crime.