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18/1990/FUL - Mill Road Depot, Mill Road

Meeting: 17/06/2019 - Planning (Item 6)

6 18/1990/FUL - Mill Road Depot, Mill Road pdf icon PDF 115 KB


The Committee received an application for full planning permission.


The application sought approval for the erection of a single storey building to house an electricity substation, and associated screening.


The Committee received a representation in objection to the application from a local resident.


The representation covered the following issues:


  i.  There was a need to review the provision of community facilities across the site we would be concerned that if approved the application would prevent a review taking place.

  ii.  There was no curtilage available for bins or external servicing for the library and therefore raised questions of how any refurbishment of the library would impact upon the demands for Gatehouse Court.

  iii.  The planning application was premature as the County Council were imminently bringing forward proposals for the library.


David Digby and Fiona Bryant (Applicants) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


With the unanimous agreement of the Committee it was proposed that provision of a scheme for boundary treatments prior to the commencement of works above ground be secured by condition. 


The Committee:


Unanimously resolvedto grant the application for planning permission in accordance with the officer recommendation, for the reasons set out in the officer report, and subject to the conditions recommended by the officers.