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18/1993/FUL - Land Between 21 And 29 Barton Road (including 27 Barton Road And Croft Gardens)

Meeting: 11/06/2019 - Planning (Item 78)

78 18/1993/FUL - Land Between 21 And 29 Barton Road (including 27 Barton Road And Croft Gardens) pdf icon PDF 362 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received an application for full planning permission.


The application sought approval for the redevelopment of the site for new college accommodation. The proposal includes demolition of 1-12 Croft Gardens and the existing storage and garage buildings on site. No 27 Barton Road is the only building proposed to be retained on site. The site is proposed to be redeveloped to include 3 crescent buildings which form a set piece. The two buildings which run perpendicular to the road are proposed to be graduate family accommodation. The block to the south is proposed to be graduate rooms. A further building is proposed to the front of the site adjacent to 29 Barton Road. This would also provide graduate rooms.


The Senior Planner updated her report by referring to details on the amendment sheet:


Pre-Committee Amendments to Recommendation:


Conditions are to be amended as follows:


18. Prior to occupation of the development, a plan indicating the positions, design, materials and type of boundary treatments to be erected shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority Boundary treatments to adjoining gardens should include sufficient gaps (150mm X 150mm) to allow access for hedgehogs. The boundary treatment shall be completed in accordance with the approved details prior to the first occupation or the bringing into use of the development (or other timetable agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority) and retained as approved thereafter.


Reason: To ensure an appropriate boundary treatment is implemented in the interests of visual amenity and privacy and to ensure it allows movement of hedgehogs (Cambridge Local Plan 2018 policies 55, 57, 59 and 70).


25. Trigger now prior to occupation.


33. Prior to occupation a plan shall be provided detailing the full extent of the woodland area to the rear of the site. This agreed area of the site shall not be available as amenity space and shall only be accessed for upkeep and maintenance purposes. Details of the means of controlling access (for example a fence and gate) shall be submitted to and agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority and installed in accordance with the approved details prior to the occupation of the development and retained thereafter.


Reason: to prevent noise, disturbance and loss of privacy to 4C Millington Road (Cambridge Local Plan 2018 policies 56 and 57).


The Senior Planner proposing a new condition restricting the accommodation to King’s College and sought delegated powers to confirm the wording after Committee.


The Committee received representations in objection to the application from the following:

·  The Co-Chair of the South Newnham Neighbourhood Forum.

·  A local resident.

·  Mr Dadge (Agent for local residents who were objecting).


The representations covered the following issues:

  i.  The National Planning Policy Framework was clear on the need for consultation. The South Newnham Neighbourhood had been excluded, which was an injustice.

  ii.  The building did not protect or enhance the area so the application should be refused.

  iii.  The Applicant’s report was based on old information from the 1980s. The Buildings of Local Interest (BLIs) were not in good condition.

  iv.  The existing site was a haven for wildlife.

  v.  Expressed concern about:

a.  Noise and disturbance to neighbours as the new building would only be 15m away from neighbours.

b.  The application would be too high, overbearing and out of scale with the area.

c.  Loss of privacy.


Dr Carne (representing King’s College (Applicant)) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


Councillor Cantrill ((Newnham Ward Councillor) addressed the Committee about the application:

  i.  The existing buildings had contributed to the West Cambridge Conservation Area as evidenced in various ways:

a.  Buildings were given BLI status.

b.  Historic England had requested the existing building be retained on-site.

c.  The current buildings were not in good condition or maintained by the owner (Kings College).

  ii.  The new scheme would not contribute to the character of the area.

a.  Overdevelopment of the site had compromised the scheme. Intensification of the site (through the proposal) meant there was too much on it. The Applicant was trying to fit in more buildings and open space than the site could accommodate.

b.  Expressed concern about building height and massing.

c.  The new design would not meet the standard of the old one.

d.  Trees and residential amenity were also factors to consider.


Councillor Green proposed an amendment to the Officer’s recommendation by deleting condition 33.


This amendment was carried by 5 votes to 3.


Councillor Sargeant proposed an amendment to the Officer’s recommendation to require effective Proctoral parking control to avoid spill-out parking into the neighbouring streets.


The Senior Planner agreed to amend condition wording to limit Proctoral parking approval to 8 cars.


The Committee:


Members sought clarification on whether affordable housing should be provided as part of the application. The Development Manager recommended deferring the application so officers could investigate whether affordable housing should be provided. A report would be brought back to Committee in future.


Unanimously resolved to defer the application.