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Environmental Report- SAC

Meeting: 22/07/2019 - South Area Committee (Item 28)

28 Environmental Report- SAC pdf icon PDF 3 MB


The Committee received a report from the Enforcement Team Leader.


The report outlined an overview of City Council Refuse and Environment and Streets and Open Spaces service activity relating to the geographical area served by the South Area Committee.  The report identifies the reactive and proactive service actions undertaken in the previous year, including the requested priority targets and reports back on the recommended issues and associated actions to be targeted in the following period.  It also includes key officer contacts for the reporting of waste and refuse and public realm issues


The Enforcement Team Leader responded to question from members of the public and Committee Members as set out below.


1.  Can any action be taken to prevent verge parking in Fisher Lane?


Enforcement action was difficult as this was verge parking rather than highways. Enforcement Team officers would monitor the situation.


2.  The number of needle finds across the City appears to have dropped dramatically over the last year. Is there a reason for the drop?


The numbers could be misleading as a large find in a single property or location would appear as a spike in the figures. On-going officers were not reporting any significant change to the pattern of needle finds.


3.  The recycling area in Wulfstan Way continues to suffer from misuse. Pest control had to be called recently. What action was being taken?


The area was being monitored and enforcement action was being pursued against known individuals and businesses abusing the facility.