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Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods

Meeting: 20/06/2019 - West Central Area Committee (Item 18)

18 Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods pdf icon PDF 532 KB


The Committee received a report from Inspector Rogerson regarding policing and safer neighbourhoods trends.


The report outlined actions taken since the last reporting period. The current emerging issues/neighbourhood trends for each ward were also highlighted (see report for full details). Previous priorities and engagement activity noted in the report were:

  i.  Drug-related behaviour in the Grafton Centre area.

  ii.  Poor behaviour of cyclists and moped riders in the City Centre. This includedspeeding, lack of lights and cycling on pavements.

  iii.  Night time road safety at the following junctions: Histon Road/Victoria Road andChesterton Road/Magdalen Street.


The Committee discussed the following policing issues:

  i.  Drug dealing in the Brunswick area.

  ii.  How to improve the safety of the Huntingdon Road zebra crossing, particularly in rush hour.


Action Point: Councillor Chadwick to liaise with Inspector Rogerson about safety concerns relating to zebra crossing on Huntingdon Road.


  iii.  Illegal and anti-social moped driving. Apparent lack of enforcement due to CCTV cameras (eg around bus gates) being front facing whereas mopeds had rear facing number plates so they were not being identified.


Action Point: Inspector Rogerson to advise Councillor Chadwick of measures taken to address Illegal and anti-social moped driving, specifically through bus gates.


  iv.  Tattoo bar on King’s Parade appeared to be operating without the correct licence.


Action Point: Head of Environmental Services to liaise with Inspector Rogerson about the granting of a Peddler Licence to a tattoo bar on King’s Parade:

·  Has a licence been granted?

·  By which organisation, if any?

·  Type of licence granted/required? (May be two separate issues).


  v.  Anti-social behaviour linked to Mid Summer Fair.


Action Point: Head of Environmental Services to liaise with Inspector Rogerson about issues to make the Safety Advisory Group aware of, relating to fencing off public places before/during events such as Mid Summer Fair, to stop anti-social behaviour spilling into residential areas.


A member of the public referred to 19/05/WAC Q3 and asked for a response.McManus Neighbourhood Watch groups had concerns regarding the lack of response or feedback from the Police when issues were reported. Inspector Rogerson said he would follow this up.


Inspector Rogerson said the following in response to questions:

  i.  Members of the public reported issues to the Police, but sometimes gave vague details. Call handlers had to draw out details to triage details to determine if a quick was response was needed.

  ii.  The triage threshold had changed to make response times more realistic through the work of the support team who analysed information to categorise it for background information or immediate action.

  iii.  Operation Carmel had been completed in the Brunswick area so officers were now learning from the experience.

  iv.  The Police were working with the Street Life Working Group to get information about, and therefore be able to take action on, begging linked to drug dealing.

  v.  Noted Councillors’ concerns about the location of the city centre police station and rumours about a reduced presence. There had been some false information in circulation. The Chief Constable had committed to a city centre location.

  vi.  The licence application process was owned by the City Council. The Police responded according to whether data did or did not support licence applications. They provided a view on whether the application would cause issues or not. The Police did not make the case for or against applications; or speculate if applications could lead to future problems.

 vii.  Undertook to run a workshop about County Lines. Ward and county level groups were looking at issues. They reviewed how the Police could respond to issues eg working with schools regarding missing children.


Action Point: Councillor Martinelli to liaise with Inspector Rogerson about the date for a County Lines Workshop then publicise details to WCAC.


viii.  Police had access to CORA data but could not present it in their reports to Area Committees due to ICT issues.


Action Point: Councillor Martinelli to liaise with other Area Committee Chairs and write to City Police Commander to request CORA data in area committee reports.


The following priorities were unanimously agreed:

  i.  Street-based ASB around The Grafton Centre and Park Street car park areas.

  ii.  Anti-social activity on the green spaces in the area.

  iii.  Anti-social and illegal moped driving, specifically through bus gates in city centre.