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Environmental Report - WCAC

Meeting: 14/03/2019 - West Central Area Committee (Item 9)

9 Environmental Report - WCAC pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Committee received a report from the Enforcement Team Leader. He outlined a change to the report format which would no longer contain specific recommendation. In future a holistic approach to issues arising across the West Central area would be taken.


The report provided an overview of the Council’s Streets and Open Spaces, Environmental Health and Shared Waste service activity in the Area Committee area over the past six months. 


The report provided open data on service performance, so that City and County Councillors and their constituents are informed of what service activity is happening in their area; and has the opportunity to engage in and help to shape this activity, including identifying specific local service requests / issues.


The Enforcement Team Leader responded to questions as follows:


1.  Councillor Bick

How often does the Market Ward working group meet and who is the contact person / Chair of the meeting?


The Enforcement Team Leader undertook to supply the investigation.

Action: Enforcement Team Leader


2.  Councillor Bick

Needle finds in the Kite area are on the increase and the locations appear to be known to Police. Can more prevention work be undertaken? If the areas are known why can’t safe disposal option be installed?


The public are invited to pass on information to the police. Work was on-going to educate user regarding safe disposal.

Installing disposal units might encourage more users to the area.


3.  Councillor Cantrill

Fly tipping is shown as an issue in Newham. However, this could be more of an issue to do with the recycling bins not being emptied often enough. The public then leave recycling next to the overflowing recycling bins.


The Enforcement Team Leader undertook to discuss this with the collections team.

Action: Enforcement Team Leader


4.  Councillor Gillespie

A strategy was needed to allow CCTV to be used in known drug hotspots.


Short term use of the mobile CCTV units might be an option.

The Enforcement officer undertook to investigate this further.


5.  Recent warms days saw the waste bins in the central area overflowing. How often are they emptied?


Parks were visited daily and any issues addressed.


6.  If residents or Councillors want to arrange community skips days to prevent fly tipping, what is the best point of contact?


The Enforcement Team Leader undertook investigate the best point of contact.

Action: Enforcement Team Leader