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16/0405/FUL - Christs College, St Andrews Street

Meeting: 31/08/2016 - Planning (Item 130)

130 16/0405/FUL - Christs College, St Andrews Street pdf icon PDF 262 KB


The Committee received an application for full planning permission.


The application sought approval for a new library (1539 sq m), the enclosure of Library Court (201 sq m) and the provision of bridge access between the first floor of the new library and the South Range and Bodley Library. Internal and external alterations to Bodley Library and South Range (Staircase G and Guest Suite) and the South Elevation of South Range between First Court and Library Court. Involved the demolition of the existing library (809 sq m).


The Committee noted the amendment sheet and the history of planning applications for this site. A site visit had also taken place.


The Committee received a representation in objection to the application from a local resident.


The representation covered the following issues:

  i.  Design and conservation concerns.

  ii.  Many objectors unable to attend today due to short notice.

  iii.  Many objectors concerned that the respected David Loggan engraving would now be inaccurate.

  iv.  Chapel window would also become inaccurate.

  v.  Agreed that the library needed updating. However the fabric of the building needed to be protected.

  vi.  Friends of the Library object to proposal.

 vii.  Old library was precious and needed to be retained.

viii.  Structure was over 500 years old, timber framed and delicate.

  ix.  New roof would put strain on the old building and the additional weight of snow had not been considered.


Professor Kelly addressed the Committee in support of the application.


The Committee:


Unanimously resolvedto grant the application for planning permission in accordance with the officer recommendation, for the reasons set out in the officer report, and subject to the conditions recommended by the officers.