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Executive post

Executive Councillor for Finance, Resources and Transformation


The portfolio is scrutinised by the Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee and covers the following:


Strategic control of the use of the financial resources of the Council, (subject to the necessary financial approvals of the Council) Treasury Management including for the Housing Revenue Account; insurance and banking services

The approval of Council contributions towards projects being funded from the National Lottery.


Supervision of the borrowing of money and management of the Council's cash flow.


Management of other income and specific reserves.


Other detailed financial management matters, including the writing off of debts except where the responsibility of the Executive Councillor for Housing.


Collection and management of Council Tax, National Non-Domestic Rates and Housing Benefit.


Strategic information technology issues, information technology projects which either have implications for the Council as a whole or which fall significantly within the remit of more than one Executive Councillor.

·  Corporate implementation of improvements and efficiency reviews, and the development and monitoring of core performance indicators and targets

·  Transformation of the Council through the ‘Our Cambridge’ programme,

·  Shared Services

·  Procurement (at a strategic level - oversight of individual procurement exercises will remain with the portfolio-holder for the relevant service area).

·  The policy and management of moorings

·  Ensure that the climate and biodiversity emergencies are considered in all initiatives in their portfolio and ensure their portfolio contributes towards Cambridge becoming a zero carbon city


Trading Services


·  Council strategy to expand trading activities and additional income generation opportunities, including responsibility for those which do not fall within the remit of another Executive Councillor


Customer Services and ICT

·  Delivery of quality customer services

·  Council’s digital strategy and the benefits it will deliver for residents, and also to staff in helping them do their jobs better and more easily

·  Data protection and freedom of information.


Property Matters

·  Leadership on corporate and cross-portfolio major capital projects and oversight of the council’s overall capital programme, including the development, redevelopment, change of use or other major change to land or property owned by the Council considered by the Chief Executive to be major, significant or sensitive in terms of the Council's policies and priorities.

·  Any realisation of assets programme which may be considered necessary to generate capital receipts for the Council.

·  The approval of any proposal to re-allocate land between functions and any formal appropriation of land or property from one purpose to another.

·  Management of all land and buildings held by the Council, except for:

o  property in use for specific operational purposes which fall within the responsibility of another Executive Councillor

o  those parts of council sites developed for housing including new council housing, and dwellings held within the Housing Revenue Account and land held by the Council for housing purposes used for or in connection with the provision of facilities or amenities for local tenants or residents, which shall be the responsibility of the Executive Councillor for Housing.

·  The acquisition (by purchase or lease) of property by the Council.

·  Management of the Council's office accommodation


Transformation, shared services and service reviews and employee and management matters 


To be responsible for:

·  The Our Cambridge Programme and other reviews which involve the responsibilities of more than one other Executive Councillor, or have not been otherwise delegated.

·  The performance of corporate and other shared services in meeting financial performance objectives in business plans, except that responsibility for operational matters in relation to non-corporate shared services shall be the responsibility of the appropriate other Executive Councillor.

To establish, monitor and ensure funding for Council-wide employment and training and apprenticeship policies and delivery


·  To comply with all relevant employment legislation and the Council's corporate strategy, policies and objectives.

·  To exercise strategic control of, and agree policies for, the use of the staffing, property and information technology resources of the Council.

·  To co-ordinate and monitor the arrangements for employee Health and Safety at Work

·  To oversee the provision of professional and central support services, including:

o  Corporate human resources support and information including training

o  Financial services

o  Legal services.


The relevant exercise of compulsory purchase powers.


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