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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
North East Cambridge 'In Principle' Commitment to Delivery of AAP ref: 527311/10/202111/10/2021
Update on Recovery ref: 527111/10/202111/10/2021
Combined Authority Update ref: 527211/10/202111/10/2021
Treasury Management Half Yearly Update Report 2021/22 ref: 526711/10/202111/10/2021
Cherry Hinton Library Community Hub ref: 527011/10/202111/10/2021
General Fund Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021 ref: 526811/10/202111/10/2021
UK Municipal Bonds Agency Framework Agreement ref: 526911/10/202111/10/2021
Complaint Upheld by the Housing Ombudsman Service relating to Housing Repairs ref: 526324/09/202124/09/2021
Combined Update on New Build Council Housing Delivery ref: 526423/09/202123/09/2021
Report on Net Zero Carbon Pilot Schemes at Paget Road and St Thomas Road ref: 526023/09/202123/09/2021
Report on progress toward HRA Estate Regeneration programme Including a report on a proposed scheme at Aylesborough Close ref: 525923/09/202123/09/2021
Shared Ownership Policy ref: 526623/09/202123/09/2021
Management of Residents Car Parking Spaces Provided on Housing Land Within Neighbourhoods and on Future New Builds Across the City ref: 525823/09/202123/09/2021
Review of the Council's Empty Homes Policy ref: 526523/09/202123/09/2021
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Medium Term Financial Strategy ref: 525723/09/202123/09/2021
Estates & Facilities Compliance Data ref: 526223/09/202123/09/2021
Changes to Under Occupation Assistance Scheme ref: 526123/09/202123/09/2021