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Application and Petition Details (16/1134/OUT / West Cambridge Site Madingley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire)

Application No:    16/1134/OUT

Site Address:    West Cambridge Site Madingley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire

Description:  Outline planning permission with all matters reserved is sought for up to 383,300m2 of development comprising up to 370,000m2 of academic floorspace (Class D1 space), commercial/research institute floorspace (Class B1b and sui generis research uses), of which not more than 170,000m2 will be commercial floorspace (Class B1b); up to 2,500m2 nursery floorspace (Class D1); up to 1000m2 of retail/food and drink floorspace (Classes A1-A5); up to 4,100m2 and not less than 3,000m2 for assembly and leisure floorspace (Class D2); up to 5,700m2 of sui generis uses, including Energy Centre and Data Centre; associated infrastructure including roads (including adaptations to highway junctions on Madingley Road), pedestrian, cycle and vehicle routes, parking, drainage, open spaces, landscaping and earthworks; and demolition of existing buildings and breaking up of hardstanding.

Applicant:  Chancellors and Masters

Agent:  Jim Strike, AECOM

Address:  71 High Holborn London WC1V 6QS

Lead Petitioner:  Resident of Clerk Maxwell Road

Case Officer:    Fiona Bradley


Text of Petition:  


We the undersigned petition the Council to convene a Development Control Forum in relation to planning application 16/1134/OUT Revised Outline Planning Proposal for the West Cambridge Site, Madingley Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. We are particularly concerned by the proposal contained within the Outline Plan to build a multi-storey car park for 450 cars on the corner of Clerk Maxwell Road (CMR) and Madingley Road, and by the applicant’s plan to require all cars using the carpark and all service vehicles visiting the eastern end of the site to enter and depart via CMR.


The grounds for asking for a Forum on this application are as follows:

1. The creation of a multi-storey carpark conflicts with Cambridge Local Plan Policy 80, which states that ‘Development will be supported where it demonstrates prioritisation of access is by walking, cycling and public transport, and is accessible for all’.

2. The location is inappropriate for siting a multi-storey carpark. CMR and Madingley Road are residential roads, and the building would be right on the edge of a conservation area. The first thing visitors approaching the site from the city will see is a multi-storey carpark, which would be an underwhelming introduction to a ‘world-class facility’ and out of keeping aesthetically with its surroundings.

3. The applicant has offered to fund the construction of cycle paths down both sides of Clerk Maxwell Road, which would leave insufficient space to build a feeder lane in CMR for vehicles to queue to get into the car park, adding to congestion and pollution on the corner and creating the possibility that cars will back up onto Madingley Road.

4. On 1 July 2020, planning approval was granted for the construction of 35 dwellings on the site of the former Cocks and Hens Tennis Club on CMR. The entrance to this development, where an open play area will be provided for young children and teenagers, is opposite the proposed entrance to the multi-storey car park. This conjunction of traffic and play area  ...  view the full agenda text for item 4.