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Venue: This a virtual meeting and therefore there is no physical location for this meeting.

Contact: Democratic Services  Committee Manager

Note: Details on how to view the meeting can be found on the front page of the agenda 

No. Item


To elect a Mayor for the Municipal Year 2020/21


To elect a Deputy Mayor for the Municipal Year 2020/21


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on the 13 and 25 February 2020 pdf icon PDF 241 KB

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Mayor's announcements


To elect from among the Members of the Council four Bailiffs of the City for the Municipal Year 2020/21


To consider the recommendations of Committees for adoption


Civic Affairs: Nominations for Committees for the Municipal Year 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 272 KB

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Civic Affairs: Nominations for Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs Municipal Year 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 160 KB


Civic Affairs: Virtual Meetings Conventions pdf icon PDF 251 KB

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Public questions time


To deal with oral questions


To consider the following notices of motion, notice of which has been given by:


Councillors Herbert and Payne: Motion of Thanks

The Council puts on record its thanks to all our staff for their outstanding response and leadership on the city’s response to the Coronavirus epidemic, for maintaining quality Council services and protecting both public health and Cambridge people who need support.


We thank our local hospitals and the NHS, our partner councils and organisations, and key workers delivering essential services across Cambridge, and local charities and volunteer networks for all the work underway to support Cambridge residents through this crisis, and for the joint delivery being planned to address future challenges as lockdown eases.


Councillor Bick: Accommodation of Rough Sleepers

Council recognises as a substantial achievement the accommodation of well over 100 rough sleepers in response to the public health priority of preventing people sleeping out during the Covid lockdown. It thanks the council officers, our commissioned services and charities and churches who have enabled this.


Council sees this achievement as creating an opportunity for longer term change. It resolves to do everything reasonably within its power and influence to avoid the tragic outcome of individuals who have been accommodated going back to live on the streets after the Covid emergency is over, and to maintain the same lead in this mission that it has adopted during the crisis so far.


Council notes that significant funding has been received from government to address this issue, but that much of this is short term and does not enable the longer-term planning and commitment that is needed. As well as pressing government for this to be changed, council requests the Executive Councillor  to consider the extent to which this funding could be underwritten out of its own resources.


Council also notes that mental ill-health and addiction to drugs and alcohol continue to make it hard for many entrenched rough sleepers to sustain housing even when available, and that overcoming these obstacles would be greatly assisted by improved pathways to services provided by partners in health and adult social care. It asks the Chief Executive to share a copy of this motion with the heads of these other organisations, requesting a review of how access to services can be improved.



Councillor Payne: Extension to Construction Hours

Council notes the request of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on 13th May for planning authorities to enable work on construction sites outside currently approved hours.


Council recognises the contribution of the construction industry to the exit from the Covid lockdown and the priority for its workforce to maintain social distancing, but it expresses concern about the potential implications for residents surrounding construction sites.

For the period the Secretary of State’s request is in force, Council calls on the Shared Director of Planning to apply existing powers delegated to him within our constitution so that for all development within the city boundary he:

·  includes consultation with relevant ward councillors in his considerations before determining whether to refer applications for variations in conditions relating to hours of construction to the Planning Committee or the Joint Development Control Committee

·  consults relevant ward councillors before deciding not to enforce against construction work occurring outside approved hours, where this would normally have taken place. 






Written questions

No discussion will take place on this item. Members will be asked to note the written questions and answers document as circulated around the Chamber.



Order of Proceedings 2020 pdf icon PDF 227 KB


Information Pack pdf icon PDF 3 MB