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Agenda and minutes

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Councillor McQueen


Personal: Member of the Planning Scrutiny Committee that consider the planning application.




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The Senior Technical Officer presented the report and outlined the application.


In response to members’ questions the Senior Technical Officer and Legal Advisor made the following points:


i.  Clarified that under the new Licensing Act ‘drinking-up time’ (DUT) had no legal meaning and had disappeared as there was no mention of DUT in the Act. Therefore the applicant did not have to state this on their application. 

ii.  The Licensing Sub Committee could recommend a period at which the sale of alcohol ended and specify a DUT as longer opening hours in agreement with the applicant if they felt this was needed.

iii.  The Committee could determine the time at which the sale of alcohol started if they felt that 10.00am was too early.

iv.  The provision of Live Music Act 2012 permitted live and recorded music between 08:00 – 23:00 where a premise had a licence and therefore section 13 of the application could be ignored.

v.  Any planning conditions regarding the time of the collections and or deliveries would be enforced.

vi.  Confirmed that the application was not in a cumulative impact area.


The Licensing Sub Committee considered the written representation which had been submitted by Mr Dharumalingam, Marketcam Ltd.


The written representation can be viewed at the following link:



Mr Dharumalingam made the following points in response to members’ questions:


i.  Would agree to changes concerning the time when the sale of alcohol was allowed if the Committee deemed necessary. 


The Legal Officer highlighted to members the written representation contained within the paperwork for the Committee’s consideration.


Members withdrew at 11:17 am and returned at 12:15 pm. Whilst retired, and having made their decision, Members received legal advice on the wording of the decision.




The Licensing Sub Committee granted the licence subject to the following conditions:


  i.  No alcohol to be served before 11.00am

  ii.  No alcohol to be served after 23.00

  iii.  Extending opening hours to 23.30 to assist orderly dispersal.


The reasons for reaching the decision were as follows:


  i.  The application meets all four licensing objectives;

a)  The prevention of crime and disorder

b)  Public Safety

c)  The prevention of public nuisance

d)  The prevention of children from harm.