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Environmental Report

Meeting: 28/09/2022 - West Central Area Committee (Item 20)

20 Environmental Report pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Head of Environmental Services introduced the report covering the six-month period of February to July 2022.


Members welcomed and supported the work of the team over the period covered in the report and endorsed the continued efforts directed at fly-tipping which continued to be an ongoing issue. Concern was expressed at the closure of the Adam and Eve recycling centre and asked if it could be reported back to members why this facility had been shut.


Action: Head of Environmental Services to follow up with the Shared Waste Service why the recycling facility at Adam and Eve Street had been closed and Ward Councillors not engaged prior.


Next, the cleanliness of Hobson Passage was highlighted which was a magnet for anti-social behaviour and smoking shelter for those in the nightclub. Requested if this issue could be looked at for additional cleaning and speak with local businesses.


Action: Head of Environmental Services to pursue additional cleaning programme and business engagement to address cleanliness and anti-social behaviour issue.


Finally a member asked whether there was a scheduled highway drainage and gutter cleansing programme to remove leaves and other vegetation on a regular basis. The Head of Environmental Services confirmed there was a routine city wide mechanical sweeper programme, but sometimes parked cars prevented access.



Meeting: 08/09/2022 - West Central Area Committee (Item 6.)

6. Environmental Report pdf icon PDF 2 MB