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Presentation: Newmarket Road Improvements by Greater Cambridge Partnership

Meeting: 02/12/2021 - East Area Committee (Item 59)

Presentation: Newmarket Road Improvements by Greater Cambridge Partnership

To welcome representatives from the Greater Cambridge Partnership who will provide a presentation on the Newmarket Road Improvements as part of the Eastern Access Consultation. This will then be followed by a Question and Answer Session.


To find out more or to take part please go to www.greatercambridge.org.uk/NewmarketRd2021






The Committee received a presentation from Jo Baker, Technical Lead, (GCP) on the Cambridge Eastern Access Newmarket Road improvements as part of the Eastern Access Consultation.


Further information could be found at the following link:



In response to Members’ question the Technical Lead said the following:

  i.  There was currently no safety data on the cyclops junctions; the Histon Road junction had been opened in November and was therefore premature to provide any information at this stage.


The following questions had been received from a member of the public:

What assessment have officers made of past historical studies and proposals for improved Eastern Access into Cambridge? (Including but not limited to the Cambridge Futures2 study, the airport proposals from the late 2000s, and other proposals stored in the Cambridgeshire Collection and County Archives).


"Do officers accept that whatever proposals they come up with for Newmarket Road, the additional number of homes and the future direction of development in East Cambridge means that road will never have the capacity to transport such an increased number of people into the city centre?"


"What direct conversations are GCP officers having with the senior management, and fans forums of Cambridge United Football Club regarding Eastern Access given the traffic congestion on match days?"


The Technical Lead responded with the following:

  i.  The relevant policy documents had been looked at; the strategic outline business case would have such documents into account as the Cambridge East Area Action Plan 2008.

  ii.  The future of the East Cambridge was very much focused on a range of issues such as the climate crisis and the challenges that modern living brought.

  iii.  Recognised that a dependency on road traffic was not the solution which was why the Making Connections Scheme had been brought forward.

  iv.  It was critical that all alternatives to the road and private vehicle traffic were being investigated to accommodate growth in the area. 

  v.  Cambridge United Football Club was one of the stake holders and was not treated any differently to any other stakeholders that the GCP engaged with.

  vi.  Acknowledged there was an issue of congestion on match days around Newmarket Road most of which related to informal and off-site parking. 

 vii.  As Cambridge United Football Club had limited parking on site, the GCP were investigating better controls of residential parking to deter car usage and the provision of better alternatives to make it easier for football fans to access the stadium. The relocation of the Newmarket Park and Ride would increase capacity which should significantly contribute.