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Risk Management Strategy and Framework

Meeting: 22/09/2021 - Civic Affairs (Item 33)

33 Risk Management Strategy and Framework pdf icon PDF 373 KB

Additional documents:


The Principal Internal Auditor introduced the report.


Members asked the following:


i)  How does Audit work with senior management to get buy-in and what training is given?

ii)  If officers make changes, could the document have a change log so the Committee can follow the iterations?

iii)  Will the committee receive a report on the key strategic risks facing the Council with scoring/mitigations/actions required?

iv)  Can the committee receive a review after 6 months of how things are going?

v)  How do we share risk management of shared services?


The officers answered in order:


i)  The draft Strategy and Framework was shared with the Senior Leadership Team and Senior Management Team for their input.  Internal Audit are currently working with them to update all corporate and service risk and generate a renewed focus on risk management.  Internal Audit are planning further support to managers/Heads of Service on the usage of the Risk Register in the form of formal and ad-hoc training. Heads of Service have been asked to identify/nominate officers to attend training.  The Risk Management Intranet pages have also been enhanced to provide more information and support for officers

ii)  Yes

iii)  Roles and responsibilities are set out in the Framework. Executive Councillors should be aware of the key risks in their area through discussion with their Heads of Service.  The role of the Committee is to review the Strategy, and the Framework.  Officers will consider the Committee’s request to be sighted on the key strategic risks and how that can be achieved.

iv)  Yes

v)  Shared Service risks are reported to the Shared Service Board.





To approve the revised Risk Management Strategy and Framework (appendix a) and agree that officers can make subsequent minor updates and amendments.