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Addressing The Implications For Businesses And The City Centre In The Context Of The Coronavrius Restrictions- Officer Decision ROD

Meeting: 28/01/2021 - Environment and Community Scrutiny Committee (Item 6)

6 ROD Addressing the Implications for Businesses and the City Centre in the Context of the Coronavrius Restrictions pdf icon PDF 211 KB


Public Question

A member of the public asked a question as set out below.


1.  Raised the following points:

  i.  Queried why there had been no consultation on the Market Square vision.

  ii.  Queried if proposals were suitable for the area.

  iii.  Referred to the petition on the Market Square.

  iv.  Expressed concern that workshop participants were not allowed to discuss what they heard outside of workshops due to ‘Chatham House rules’.


The Executive Councillor for Climate Change, Environment and City Centre responded:

  i.  The use of ‘Chatham House rules’ in workshops would be reviewed in future.

  ii.  History of Market Square project (funding):

a.  A bid for funding was made to the Combined Authority Board.

b.  The project to upgrade the market started.

c.  The Combined Authority Board did not want to support a long term project, preferring shorter term ones such as installing seating for restaurants on the pavement.

d.  The City Council changed its funding bid and was successful.

  iii.  The project is to upgrade the Market Square so it has improved facilities to host a market seven days a week.

  iv.  Communications about the market would be reviewed in future.

  v.  The concept design would be consulted upon later in 2021.


Supplementary question:

  i.  Were traders equal partners with the City Council on plans for the market?

  ii.  What support would be offered to the market and traders?

  iii.  The project appeared to have changed without input from the public.


The Executive Councillor responded:

  i.  The Council could have been more careful in its language. The language used in future communications would be reviewed to avoid misunderstandings and ensure communications were clearer.

  ii.  Re-iterated the proposal is to develop the Market Square to facilitate hosting a market seven days a week, and to have a better area to hold it in.


Matter for Decision

The decision was noted.