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16/0117/FUL - Beaulands Close

Meeting: 27/04/2016 - Planning (Item 72)

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Councillor Tunnacliffe withdrew from the meeting for this item and did not participate in the discussion or decision making.


The Committee received an application for full planning permission.


The application sought approval for retrospective planning permission for an access control barrier to a private road. The case officer introduced the planning item and made reference to the amendment sheet and her response to subsequent concerns raised regarding the committee report, which was noted by the Committee. An additional condition was recommended on the amendment sheet.


The Committee received a representation in objection to the application from a local resident.


The representation covered the following concerns:

i.  Sought to amend the hours of operation of the barrier not to include night-time hours.

ii.  No reference was made to the Independent Noise Survey. The application was retrospective and could not have surveyed pre-existing noise levels. The Environmental Health Officer should have taken the noise report into account

iii.  The case officer had not considered photographic/video evidence provided

iv.  Objectors had held back submitting complaints pending the submission of the noise assessment which was the reason for more noise issues highlighted more recently. 

v.  The new barrier’s default position is closed, the old barrier’s default position was that it was open, which results in different impacts and traffic behaviours.

vi.  There was no key pad access so cars and vans had to linger at the barrier which created noise and traffic problems.

vii.Accepted the barrier should operate during commuter time periods but requested that the Committee applied suitable mitigation to the hours of operation outside of commuter time periods when the barrier would not be required.


Janet Grimwood (Agent) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


The Committee:


Resolved (by 4 votes to 1 abstention) to grant the application for retrospective planning permission in accordance with the officer recommendationand the additional condition recommended on the amendment sheet, for the reasons set out in the officer report and amendment sheet, and subject to the conditions recommended by the officers.