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15/1045/FUL - Marque House, 143 Hills Road

Meeting: 05/08/2015 - Planning (Item 142)

142 15/1045/FUL - Marque House, 143 Hills Road pdf icon PDF 65 KB


The Committee received an application for full planning permission.


The application sought approval for retrospective installation of 1 condenser unit over the basement car park entrance, situated on the side of the parapet wall within the area leading down to the basement parking.


The Committee received a representation in objection to the application from Mr Morris.


The representation covered the following issues:

  i.  Expressed concern regarding the:

·  Planning process.

·  Applicant started work without planning permission.

·  Loss of amenities for residents from installing the condenser.

  ii.  Took issue with the:

·  Noise assessment data supplied by the Applicant. Referred to own assessment data, which appeared to have been ignored by Officers.

·  Location of the condenser.

  iii.  Queried why resident’s objections appeared to have been dismissed.


Mr James (Applicant’s Agent) addressed the Committee in support of the application.


Councillor Herbert (Ward Councillor for Coleridge) addressed the Committee about the application.


The representation covered the following issues:

  i.  The nature of the development meant that it included a combination of shop and residential units.

  ii.  Suggested the photo in the Officer’s report did not accurately reflect the actual layout of buildings on the site. The condenser would be located near amenity space, but away from the shop it served. This was not clearly shown in the report.

  iii.  Outlined the history of the application. The location of the condenser was more suited to the (original) larger building than the (current) smaller one.

  iv.  The location of the condenser was inappropriate being near amenity space. It was put in without planning permission due to an unfortunate breakdown in communication between the Council and Applicant.

  v.  Insufficient noise attenuation information had been provided despite assurances from the Applicant that it would be submitted.

  vi.  Took issue with noise mitigation measures conditioned in the Officer’s report, they needed to be more specific to be enforceable.


Amendments were requested to the Officer’s recommendations. Councillor Blencowe proposed that an additional condition should specify that the condenser be screened on all four sides.


This amendments were carried unanimously.


The Committee:


Resolved (by 6 votes to 2) to grant the application for planning permission in accordance with the officer recommendation, for the reasons set out in the officer report, and subject to the conditions recommended by the officers with an additional condition to read:


The mitigation measures, including the enclosure around all four sides of the condenser, specified in the application and its associated acoustic Assessment prepared by Belair Research Ltd dated 3/6/2015 (ref B3269/CB3174), as amended by the letter prepared by Acoustical Control Consultants Ltd dated 2/7/2015 (ref13879/RAC/hr), shall be fully installed and implemented before the condenser unit hereby permitted are brought into operation and shall be maintained permanently thereafter.


Reason: To protect the amenity of the adjoining properties. (Cambridge Local Plan 2006 policy 4/13).