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Title Date Effective from
Sport Strategy - Action Plan ref: 337219/03/201519/03/2015
Arts Plan - Action Alan ref: 337119/03/201519/03/2015
S106 Funding And Interim Arrangements Ahead Of The Local Introduction Of The Community Infrastructure Levy ref: 336619/03/201519/03/2015
Cambridge City Centre Accessibility Study ref: 336719/03/201519/03/2015
A Future Model for Tourism for Cambridge and the Surrounding Area ref: 336819/03/201519/03/2015
City Centre and Public Places Portfolio Plan 2015/16 ref: 336519/03/201519/03/2015
Lease of Land at Cheddars Lane ref: 336219/01/201519/01/2015
General Debts - Bad Debts for Write-off ref: 336119/01/201519/01/2015
Budget Setting Report February 2015 ref: 336019/01/201519/01/2015
Finance and Resources Portfolio Revenue and Capital Budgets 2015/16 (Estimate), 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20 (Forecast) ref: 335919/01/201519/01/2015
Annual Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2015/16 ref: 335819/01/201519/01/2015
Combined Colleges Boathouse, Logan's Way - Grant of New Lease ref: 335719/01/201519/01/2015
Commercial Property Investment ref: 335619/01/201519/01/2015
Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2015/16 ref: 335519/01/201519/01/2015
Money Transmission (Banking) Contract ref: 335419/01/201519/01/2015